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Don’t update, recent versions are full of bugs :(

I’ve used Cyberduck for years and have always been a big fan. The last several updates have intoduced numerous bugs and it crashes or freezes with connectivity issues all the time now. I never had any problems like this in the past. Hopefully the development team can get things stabilized, because this is extrememly frustrating and is killing productivity. Word to the wise…don’t create new versions unless it makes your software better.

Frequently updated and works grea with Amazon S3

I use Cyberduck to create timed-expiration Amazon S3 download URLs for corporate software. It works great for this purpose, and it seems like it’s updated every 1-2 months. I haven’t really had any bugs or issues to report. This is a solid FTP client for Mac, and I’m surprised it doesn’t have at least four stars on average.

Happy to pay!

I’ve used the free app for, I don’t know how long. Its always worked great, and I’m happy to pay you for this upgrade!

My favorite FTP gui

Ive been using CyberDuck for free for years. I really like the software. Its intuitive, powerful, and flexible enough for me to use for everything I need. The version I purchased includes support for WedDAV trasnfers, cloud providers, PLUS the usual FTP/SFTP protocols. The software has been so good to me, I decided to forgo using the free version and pay back the developers by purchasing through the AppStore. Thanks :)

Great Tool

I have been using CyberDuck for years. It is a bit expensive but I bought it anyway as a way to support the developer keeping up such a great app.

Cannot connect to Azure

Seems like it doesnt connect. Wasted $24.

Not for serious use

Doesnt support textwrangler as an editor (gets stuck on MD5 hash…wow.), and if you rename a file, it may or may not reflect the changes on your screen, which makes for much confusion and frustration. And its expensive…but it works sometimes? tl;dr 8 hours of functionality per 4 hours of absolute frustration.

Requires Java

Man, I missed that little bit. Ive used the app for a while on Lion and thought Id support the development by buying it on the app store. Argh. Dont really want Java installed!

Really good but…..

Really good app, Its fast and pretty intuituve to use, but since the last update I cant access my OTIXO account anymore

Cyberduck needs work

I have been using Cyberduck for quite some time, and it "just worked". Unfortunately, the new version seems to introduce some interesting bugs. First, it will not close from a Quit. I have to Force Quit it every time. Second, it somehow corrupted a bookmark I had been using. Third, the message window do not paint properly on my screen. I have uninstalled and re-downloaded from the App Store without any change in behavior. Bottom line, it used to be better.

Used to be better

Agree with Batmaniis review -- Ive also been using Cyberduck for quite some time and previous releases were 5-star rock solid. However, the latest update seems unstable, even basic operations like downloading and uploading crash regularly. Hopefully the developer is receiving the crash reports from Apple and will be fixing them in an update soon so Cyberduck will become my "go-to" FTP app once again.

Solid Application, but broken by sandboxing

This is an overall solid application. Ive been using it for years now. Editor integration is slick, and has helped to preserve my sanity many times over. That said, CyberDuck has made the transition to the world of sandboxing poorly. Public Key authentication breaks every time I restart the app because it loses permissions to access .ssh/id_rsa, and bookmarks are no longer visible to external apps. These are not substantial issues, but theyre just annoying enough to make CD irritating to use for certain purposes.

Works as expected, irritating to use

I use this app all the time. It is simple to use and works. That said I have become irritated with the fact that I have to remove and re-add SSH keys every time I connect to one of my hosts. This bug has existed for a long time and there is no indication of a fix on the horizon.

Not compatible with OS X Maverics

This version of Cyberduck is not compatible with OS X Mavericks. Everytime I launch Cyberduck I receive an error message like below: “Cyberduck” is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete “Cyberduck” and download it again from the App Store. The message keeps appearing even if I delete the app and re-download from the AppStore.

Download broken

How is it that a travesty of an update could have been released, particularly given the long delay between this and the prior version?

Non Functional in Snow Leopard Too

The same error that others are reporting --- damaged and nonfunctional -- DONT DO THIS VERSION UPGRADE UNTIL IT GETS FIXED!!!

It doesnt work on Lion as well

After installing this app, it only gives me error message that app is damaged. I reintalled it, same error.

Broken App

Download the app from the developer’s website in the meantime until he gets the issue resolved. Good luck!

“… is damaged…"

Same as everyone else - Cyberduck won’t run on OS X Mavericks. Please fix this ASAP!


Non-functional in Mavericks. Same as others, I get an error telling me that Cyberduck is damaged and that I should delte it and re-download from the store. Ive tried that, and it didnt help. Transmit is looking pretty good about now, UPDATE: OK, all snark aside; I rely on this program every day, and I gladly paid for it when it came out in the app store. It stings a little when an otherwise reliable tool suddenly becomes unreliable. Im happy to report the bug is fixed, and I can use it normally now. Many thanks for a great application. Upped to 4 stars.

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