Cyberduck App Reviews

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Where’s the support for Mavericks? FIX IT

What’s the deal? Not working in mavericks, where is the support! Fix it; you’ve had weeks

Now fixed

Launch issue is now fixed. Updating review.

Powerful and pretty easy to use

If you FTP to a few places, you’ll want this. I also have a few other FTP programs, but this is the one I use most.

It’s okay. But no split screen?

It’s a well made software but one thing that I really disliked about this software is that you CANNOT split the screen and this is terrible! I only paid foir this because it has support for retina display when FileZilla does not. Anyway, I’ll keep using FileZilla even without the retina support because it’s more intuitive and usable. I don’t get the usage of the full screen icon on this app as long as you can not see nothing more than your connection there. The idea of using the full screen is to provide a better UX and if you have to have opened when using it than it’s just useless


Im a long time Cyberduck user but after recently updating twice theres an issue that has halted my productivity. Its always worked before now but I cannot continue to recommend it and in fact I have switched clients.

Consitant failure - Unreliable

Everytime I try uploading, I get an error message at the end. The stop button doesnt seem to do anything. I think ive paid for this app twice. Wish it would just work.

Still Awesome

I almost submitted a negative review on this software- because after the update, it was having difficulty finding the right keys for connecting to my servers. Once I got under the hood a bit, and switched a few things around, it’s working again, and still as awesome as ever. Overall, it’s a very easy to use and painless GUI for all of my FTP and SFTP needs!

What happened after that last update?

I run the update, now I can’t SFTP in. Not cool. If you’re not going to transfer settings at least provide some guidance on your blog when these issues occur. Sorry, I don’t want to waste time figuring out how to get it to work. Switching to Fugu — I just verified that it works.

Great little utility

I really enjoy an application that is precisely what it claims to be. Such is Cyberduck. Never understood the name, but who cares? I’ve used this since 2010, and every version is just as good or slightly better than the one before. Easy to figure out, stable and helpful. Best FTP for the Mac.

Update Broke Rackspace Cloud Connect

4.5.1 breaks file listing if connecting to Rackspace Cloud (verified with Rackspace IT). Will list directories within containers, but will not list files. Please fix. Tested in OS X 10.9.4.

Still great

This FTP client has a great combination of visual work flow and connection options.

Was my die-hard stand-by for many years.

Recently, however, on many servers, it has started failing to list directories or save files after several minutes of inactivity, causing me to close the FTP window and any files I was working on and start a new session in a new Cyberduck window. This is quite frustrating. I’ve now been using Yummy FTP and Transmit happily without these problems.

Simple Yet Powerful

I’ve been using CyberDuck for years. I finally decided to buy a copy to thank the developers for making such a great app. CyberDuck is an easy to use but powerful FTP client. I use it daily as a web developer for installing and updating client sites, as well as with Amazon S3.

Best FTP Tool for the MAC

I’ve been using CyberDuck for many years and it’s one of those little tools you cannot live without. Don’t be fooled by the simple and intuitive design of the app, because this FTP client can handle anything you throw at it. Kudos to the developer for creating such a great app!

Unusable with S3

Attempting to authenticate with S3 on Yosemite causes the app to crash. Since S3 is the only thing I planned to use Cyberduck for, Id like my money back.

not working and no support

Paid for and download a couple of days ago. Able to connect to sight not not uplaod aor download. Admitedly this may be a problem with Wifi or anti viures but no reply for support is not right.

S3 functionality - poor at best

Ive only used this for its Amazon S3 support, but its like trying to drive a car if you only have crab claws for hands. Creating a folder is like a guessing game: Where will it appear this time? Files download and "overwrite", only to find out nothing happened at all. No indication that a file upload worked or not, so you have to refresh (which refreshes the entire visible resource list and takes a while). Bookmarks seem to work when they feel like it, renaming a bookmark makes a dialog box appear behind the rest of the UI so the application will only respond to the escape key. To rename a bookmark you have to "shuffle" the main window around and keep trying to open the dialog until it decides to appear somewhere visible. I cant wait to finish writing this so I can uninstall the app.

Current version is buggy

This has been my goto ftp app for years. I’m a full time web developer so I’m constantly moving files around. As you can imagine, my FTP program is a crucial key to my workflow. This latest version of Cyberduck is riddled with UI issues, and connection problems. For example, the UI buttons to confirm or cancel a transfer might not show up, or the UI element that allows you to add a new server wont appear unless you restart the program. I’m also experiencing frequent connection drops when trying to upload large numbers of files. I often have to zip the files, upload the single file to the server, and then extract them. That sort of thing rarely ever happened with previous version. I might come back to this program again in the future if these issues are addressed, but for now I’m uninstalling and looking for a new client.

Nothing like PC version - Buggy

Help! Please fix! Uploads work on Amazon Cloud but things like a simple renaming of a file or moving it between cloud folders takes 60-90 seconds!!!!

How can I get a refund?

This version crashes constantly when you click preferences and isn’t intuitive to use. Avoid. I really want a refund.

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