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Not bad, but some stuff just doesn

Ive been using this for over a year and it works often but some features just dont work well. For example, uploads to S3 time out and cant be continued where they left off. Ive had to try uploading a 1GB file about 10 times to get it up successfully. Another problem is that you cant copy folders around - the icon seems correct and the tooltip says "Copy folder…" but it just refreshes the window and the copied failed but no error message is shown. Very frustrating. I have just bought Transmit and hope that it is as good as I hear.


Used to be my favourite … paid for it and .. now it is useless on Mavericks! too bad .. Any working version would be appreciated .. fwd

Bad bad bad

Responsible for slowing the Yosemite and perhaps crashing it. Downtime and freeze. To avoid at any price.

Good program, but


Crash on opening!

The lastest version does not open on Mavericks. The previous version had some bugs, but was working… until now :( Please fix that! This is my “everyday” software!

Is not working on MaxOS X Maverics

Stop working in this last update 4.4


Youve made updates and now it doesnt run on Mac 10.6.8, and I need it asap - will you fix it or can I have my money back?

4.4.1. fixes the private key issues!

It’s working again :-)

Cyberduck needs to be reinstalled as current version does not work?

I have purchased the all up version of Cyberduck and somehow the download was flawed and the program will not work. I would like ti know how to reload or get my money back?

really like it

Cyberduck was brought to my attention by an associate and was directed through the basics. I didnt know the full scope of what this does but I love updating my website this way. padlon

Long-time user approves

I have used this progranm for a couple of years now and have found it to work extremely well (my goto FTP application) without overcomplicating things. Definitely recommended.

Bought instead of donating

Since I was using Hype for animation and one of their tutorials mentionned Cyberduck, I tried it to upload the animation to my server since my server FTP would not accept the file. Since I kept editing the Hype file, I used Cyberduck a lot! Instead of donating, I noticed I could buy it from the App store, so I did.

Been using this excellent program for years… until today...

Today I got the message: "“Cyberduck” is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete “Cyberduck” and download it again from the App Store.” After redownloading, the same message over and over again. Please fix!

New version doesn’t work

I installed the new version and I receive the message « Application is damaged ». Please fix it!

Damaged version!

Ive already re-installed this app 3 times, and I keep getting: “ is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete and download it again from the App Store."

Cyberduck Damaged, Please Re-Install

Overall I love Cyberduck and use it daily but the November 6th, 2013 update somehow corrupted the Cyberduck app which worked fine on the previous day. I did delete the Cyberduck application and reinstalled the application but it still did not work. I tried to reinstall it once again after that but now it said that it was installed. My solution to fix this was to use Time Machine and find the Cyberduck app from the day before and “Restore” it. Now my Cyberduck is working again with the older version and I will wait a few updates down the road until I update again and hopefully this issue will be solved.

Transfers window is really buggy

Lots of bugs in the Transfers window prevent this software from being useful.


Crashes way too many times! Many times the app just quitted unexpectedly during some important uploads or downloads!

Dont buy. Crashes a lot.

I shouldve checked better. I had found CyberDuck in reviews, saying it was a better choice among others, and since I was paying for it I thought Id had better luck than with the freeware (opensource) I had been using and had trouble with. But I did not check the website, where the support page had not been update in FOUR YEARS (so 3 years at the time), did not check the reviews here, where most reviews dated from 2013. The app keeps crashing and is not that much user-friendly and easy to use, which was what I was hoping for. So Im not that sure Im getting my website correctly backed up after all, and paid a lot for an app that isnt even working properly. Dont waste your money.

try to preference window, application is crash.

I cannot view preference window.

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