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I purchased this software without looking into because Godaddy generates configuration files automatically for it. The software repeatedly crashes upon opening the preferences pane, has extreme diffiuclty in establishing and maintaining a connection, and has very un-Mac interface and design concept. I have deleted it and suggest you avoid it!

Sadly the free one worked but the paid on didn

I wanted to see this workout but on OS X 10.10 it would lock up when trying to open a remote file.

don’t do the update

THis was great until i did the upload yesterday. Now the program won’t work.


I had been very happy with the product so finally purchased it and now it will not run at all!

Substandard cloud integrations

No Dropbox support, cloud containers such as Amazon and Rackspace frequently fail on upload requeueing all transfers instead of only failed or pending transfers, difficult to cancel transfers, and generally nonexistent support.

Didn’t work and Support is Non-Existent

First the program does not work as I had problems connecting to simple ftp servers that even the browser could do. After trying to look through their Support options which are a joke, I tried to submit a ticket and it rejected it as SPAM due to my user name even though I was logged into my account in their system. I tried to e-mail them about this and it came back rejected/bounced. This program is a SCAM, hopefully I can get my money back

Great FTP Client, used for 10+ years

Decided to go ahead and get the App Store version of Duck - weve been happy users of this application for 10 years, back to the days of PowerPC and Tiger.

Error 530 after working fine.

Have been using this product for years then all of a sudden error 530 cant connect. Lame Had the free version bought the paid version and still doesnt work

Time to pony up

I, like so many others, have been using this app for free for years. I’ve been thinking for a while I should click on the “donate” button, and now that I am re-downloading software onto a new laptop I figure it’s time to pony up! I’ve always have good success with Cyberduck, use it all the time as a freelancer.

Great app, one bug returns

I’ve been using cyberduck for years. It’s my fast & simple go-to app for uploading print files, podcasts and more. An old bug has returned, though. when I right-click on a file and select “copy URL”, the HTTP URL shows the FTP URL.

Previous version worked, 4.9 does not.

I tried Cyberduck and decided to buy license. I was using the previous version and everything was wrking fine. Sorry to say, I downloaded version 4.9 and nothing worked properly. I uninstalled version 4.9 and reinstalled the previous version and now everything it working great again. I plan to download the next version and I hope that it works. I love the product, when the version works.

Questionable at best (v4.9.1)

I would pass on this app. I purchased it on the App Store because I thought it would at least work. This is not the case. I would return this app if I could. It is not stable, does not work well with Amazon S3, and is complicated to use. Keep looking...

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